What Is Partnership Programme?

Partnership programme, offers our employees and entrepreneur a new income-generating opportunities to earn a better living by becoming Partnership business partners, managing existing outlets in the delivery and collection of parcels.

Mohamad Hazarulnizam
Partnership Owner

I have joined J&T for 3 years as an admin for collection point, then I heard J&T offer their employee a chance to become entrepreneur through the Partnership programme. I instantly sign up for the programme. It has been two months now after I join the Partnership programme and it is a huge transition of my life, I am very happy that J&T is always assisting me to ensure a smooth transition.

Although, I occasionally must put in more effort to run the business, but I am more than happy to as my salary has double. With this Partnership programme, I am able to better provide my family need and wants.”

I served J&T for 2 years and when my colleague informs me about the Partnership programme, I consulted my family opinion who’s has entrepreneurship experience, after the evaluation it enlightens me on the opportunity await me. I immediately sign up the programme. With the Partnership programme I begin my entrepreneurship with a well knows brand and a sound foundation to my success.

It has been 3 months since I join the Partnership programme, although I must put in the extra effort, but I am enjoying it as I am embarking on my entrepreneurship adventure, and I am able to earn more than I used too. As an entrepreneur I can better support my family and community.

Partnership Owner

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