More covenience with Mangento Integration

Magento Extension Installation SOP


  1. User/ Seller of Magento
  2. VIP members in J&T Express

Step1: Login to Admin Page, Key in ID and Password


Step2: After Login successfully, Page will direct user to Dashboard. Choose “Stores” in the left module.


Step3: Select “Configuration” to enter the interface


Step4: Select J&T Express > Setting> Fill in VIP Code> VIP KEY (Provided by HQ)


Step 5: Select Service Type and Click save Config


Step 6: Select General>Store information.

*User have to make sure General information is filled*

Step 7: Integrate successful


How User send Data to J&T courier?

Step 1: Go to Orders to check order details


Step 2: Select order > Choose Action


Step3: Select “Order to J&T


Step4: Select “Ok” submits to J&T Express. Order data has been successful transfer.



There are three type of Consignment Note:

  • Print J&T Consignment Note
  • Print J&T Consignment Note (A4)
  • Print J&T Consignment Note (More Item)


Print J&T Consignment Note – Normal J&T Consignment Note


Print J&T Consignment Note (A4)- This Consignment template is can be printed by A4 paper.


Print J&T Consignment Note (More Items)- This Consignment Template is for seller who have multiple selling products.


October 27, 2020
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